Tiger Drylac Canada is a construction management type of build, located in Guelph, Ontario. This 50,000 square foot building is an addition to their already existing powder coating facility. The addition features a new 35,000 square foot plant and a 15,000 square foot office. Along with the new plant and office additions, we also completed a new two storey renovation that was added to the existing building. The renovation included the cafeteria and employee change rooms.

Features of the Plant

The new 35,000 square foot plant features a new manufacturing space that is complete with multiple loading docks.

Features of the Office

The new 15,000 square foot office features a new front entry with a full length skylight, employees offices, a conference room, and a lounge for front office employees.

Construction Specifics

Conventional Footings & Foundations

Load Bearing Masonry in the Office

Structural Steel Frame in the Plant

Aluminum Siding with Insulation and Aluminum Liner in the Plant

Masonry Veneer at the Office